Maritime Transport - Ports and Harbours – Statutory harbour limits

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The layer(s) shows the statutory limits for various ports and harbours in a number of categories:

  1. Top 11 ports (as defined by Scottish Transport statistics) Forth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Peterhead, Cromarty Firth, Sullom Voe, Orkney, Glensanda, Clyde, Cairnryan, Loch Ryan / Stranraer.
  2. Top 16 ports (as defined by Scottish Transport statistics) as (1) plus Perth, Montrose, Inverness, Lerwick, Ayr.
  3. Competent Harbour Authority (under Pilotage Act 1987) as (1)  and (2) plus Buckie, Burghead, Campbeltown, Fraserburgh, Irvine, Rothesay, Scalloway, Stornoway, Troon, Wick.
  4. Crown / naval ports - Gareloch and Loch Long. 
  5. Trust ports (except Skerray).
  6. 128 local authority ports.
  7. 34 Private ports including all CMAL (Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd) ports.

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Date of Data: 2016

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