Prioritisation of monitoring and research for diadromous fish in the context of Marine/Offshore Renewables

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Marine Scotland Data Portal

Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 5 No 4

Marine Scotland Science (MSS) prepared a scoping report of the research requirements for Atlantic salmon, sea trout and European eel in the context of offshore renewables (Malcolm et al, 2013). This report was intended to inform the development of a National Research and Monitoring Strategy for Diadromous Fish (hereafter NRMSD) to investigate the potential for interactions between diadromous fish and wind, wave and tidal renewable energy developments. To ensure that the NRMSD had broad sectorial support, meetings were convened to identify and discuss priority areas. There was general agreement on information requirements between the stakeholder groups. The following areas were considered priorities: Fish Distribution, Population Status, Response to noise, Effects of electromagnetic fields Risk of collision. Future engagement events will be convened at suitable stages in the development of the National Research and Monitoring Strategy for Diadromous Fish.