Chapter 1: Introduction

Scottish Marine Regions (SMRs) - Scottish Marine Regions Order 2015

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Under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, Scottish Ministers were given the power to identify the boundaries of Scottish Marine Regions (SMRs) for the purposes of regional marine planning. The Scottish Marine Regions Order 2015 identifies 11 Scottish Marine Regions and establishes their boundaries. Marine planning will take place at a local level within these regions, where regional marine planning will be delegated to Marine Planning Partnerships (MPPs). The order is available via

In August 2018, the Scottish Marine Regions were added to the Scottish Register of Geographic Codes as entity S41.

Marine Directorate Seabed photo locations

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Marine Scotland has undertaken survey and monitoring work to provide expert scientific and technical advice to support Scottish Government policies and regulatory responsibilities. The videos and images produced during these seabed surveys are useful for a wide range of activities and research.  These datasets have been georeferenced and mapped using Google Earth. This layer depicts the seabed video track locations.


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