Aquaculture Infrastructure Map

Aquaculture is an increasingly important industry for Scotland, helping to sustain economic growth in the rural and coastal communities of the north and west. Involving the farming or culturing of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and seaweed, aquaculture produces our most valuable food export. The Scottish aquaculture industry is led by Atlantic salmon farming, but also produces significant quantities of rainbow trout and mussels.

The Scottish Government supports Scotland’s aquaculture industry to achieve sustainable growth targets, with due regard to the marine environment, by 2020. The targets are to increase:

  • Marine finfish production sustainably to 210,000 tonnes (in 2013, it was 165,256 tonnes - 163,234 salmon, 1,964 Marine rainbow trout, 56 Halibut and 2 Sea trout)
  • Shellfish production (especially mussels) to 13,000 tonnes (in 2013, it was 6,757 tonnes)

For more information please see the Marine Scotland Aquaculture web site.

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