Scottish Shelf Model 3.02 - 27 Year Reanalysis

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The Scottish Shelf Model (SSM) 3.02 27 Year Reanalysis, otherwise referred to as the Scottish Shelf Waters Reanalysis Service (SSW-RS), is a hindcast model, run from 1993 to 2019, covering the Scottish continental shelf waters as well as most of UK waters, the North Sea and the English Channel. The domain extends from approximately 48° - 62° N and 13° W - 13° E. The SSM 3.02 27 Year Reanalysis was developed and run by the National Oceanography Centre. The model output, which includes hourly horizontal currents and water elevation fields, daily mean fields of three-dimensional currents, temperature and salinity, on the unstructured model mesh, is available for download from Registration is required to access this data via the SSW-RS website:

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