Future Climate Change Data Layers

Data Type: 
Marine Scotland Data Portal

Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 8 No 11

This report has been prepared to accompany the UK Climate Projections 2009 (UK CP09) layers added to ‘Marine Scotland Maps'. Marine Scotland Maps is Marine Scotland’s on-line portal to provide spatial information and data to support national and regional marine planning and the state of the sea assessments required to support national and regional planning. This report briefly summarises the climate change data layers selected. A variety of time baselines are used in the climate change future projections (although all are generally for about 100 years in the future). Unfortunately the different time periods reflect how the source information was published, and this cannot be rectified in this report. Users can convert changes over the period published here to relative change per year, or per decade, and then estimate the size of changes for any specific year of their interest. When multiple emission scenarios have been used to give a range of future climate variable possibilities, the 50% probability solution has been used. For projections when only one emissions scenario is available, a medium emissions scenario of future societal change has been used in this report, although other emissions scenarios are available in the information sources listed.