Coastal settlement typology - Scotland 2016 - Industrial roots

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The Industrial roots layer consists of 40 coastal localities characterized by industry. This is characterized on the basis of their census based socio-economic and demographic characteristics. This is the second stage of a based on a two-stage cluster analysis of coastal localities (defined as within 2 kilometres of the coast) with populations of greater than 1000 (for reasons of confidentiality).

The localities in this cluster show higher than coastal average for employment in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, transport and admin. It is above coastal average for all economically inactive variables.  This is coupled with highest deprivation, low qualification obtainment, and high levels of social rented housing. These populations are characterised by higher than average numbers of children (0-15), one parent families and poor health. This cluster however shows that these places are well served by infrastructure and public transport is the dominant means of commuting to work, with above coastal average for those working within 10km.

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