Deep Sea Sharks - Smalleye Catshark (Apristurus microps) - distribution of abundance across the survey area

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Data from a scientific deep-water trawl fisheries survey in the north-east Atlantic were analysed to determine the spatial and bathymetric distribution of elasmobranch species and assess the change in relative abundance over the period 1998–2013. During this period, commercial fisheries for deep-water sharks went from being entirely unregulated, to being brieflymanaged, to being completely prohibited. Out of the 11 more common species, five showed no change in relative abundance over time, two (Centrophorus squamosus and Centroselachus crepidater) declined significantly and four increased in relative abundance (Apristurus aphyodes, Apristurus microps, Galeus melastomus and Deania calcea).

This layer depicts the distribution of Smalleye Catshark (Apristurus microps) across the survey area.

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