MeyGen Advisory Group

The MeyGen Advisory Group has been set up to ensure that appropriate and effective monitoring of the impacts of the MeyGen Tidal Energy Project Phase 1 are undertaken, to satisfy the requirements of the related section 36 (“s.36”) consent and marine licence conditions. 

Consent was granted by the Scottish Ministers under s.36 of the Electricity Act 1989 to construct and operate the MeyGen Tidal Energy Project Phase 1 at Inner Sound, Pentland Firth. 

More information on the project can be found on the developments’ webpages following the link: 

Under the conditions of the s.36 consent and marine licences, an Environmental Management Plan (“EMP”) and a Project Environment Monitoring Programme (“PEMP”), which have been developed, reviewed and agreed through the MeyGen Advisory Group must submit to the Scottish Ministers for approval. 

For more information about the Advisory Group please see the MeyGen  Advisory Group Terms of Reference which can be found in the ToRs tab below