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Map services such as Web Map Services (WMS) or Web Feature Services (WFS) use a standard protocol to share spatial data in an open format via the internet. WMS feeds can be used to view and interact with spatial data prepared and hosted by another user or organisation. Many different Web Map Services are available. Spatial content from Marine Scotland Maps are available in WMS format and is used throughout Marine Scotland Information.  For detailed information about the technical specifications of WMS please see the Open Geospatial Consortium.

The online Marine Scotland Maps tool allows you to add your own or other 3rd party WMS feeds to the map viewer.  These can then be used alongside all other Marine Scotland Map data.  Where attribute features are compatible, the feature information tool on Marine Scotland Maps will also work for third party feeds. The 'Show Information' will not direct to an MSI page and may well throw an error.

To add new WMS layer to Marine Scotland Maps, select the add third party WMS button from the layer control window and add your WMS address (best done using 'copy and paste' / 'copy short cut and paste').  Please note that the WMS must include the REQUEST, SERVICE and VERSION details as seen in the example below:


Below you will find a series of WMS resources that may be useful.  Both SpatialData.gov.scot and Data.gov.uk websites provide a catalogue of services too.

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