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Marine Scotland Data Publication is a platform for publishing datasets with associated digital object identifiers (DOI's). This allow users to reference data appropriately, and for researchers to gain recognition for publishing data.

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We automatically load the datasets from this portal into the marine information portal. You can also access and search these datasets with additional metadata and data exploration features on the dedicated portal

Title Updated datesort descending
Scotland River Temperature Monitoring Network Summary Data 29/10/2019
Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey Data 29/10/2019
The Scottish Shelf Model 2038 – 2062 future climatology 2.02 29/10/2019
Contaminant and biological effect data 1999-2017 for the 2018 CSEMP assessment 29/10/2019
06879 - Final Licence 31/10/2019
06431 - Final Licence 31/10/2019
06952 - Final Licence 31/10/2019
Marine Licence - Shellfish Farm - Firth South, Shetland - 06924 31/10/2019
Moored data from NWZ-E monitoring site in the Faroe-Shetland Channel 06/11/2019
A Multi-National Project Management Framework Audit of a European Union Marine Spatial Planning Project 11/11/2019
A Protocol for Implementing the Interim Population Consequences of Disturbance (PCoD) approach: Quantifying and Assessing the Effects of UK Offshore Renewable Energy Developments on Marine Mammal Populations 11/11/2019
Updated Seal Usage Maps: The Estimated at-sea Distribution of Grey and Harbour Seals 11/11/2019
Deprecated Version 1 : UK Fishing Intensity Associated with Oil and Gas Pipelines (2007-2015) 11/11/2019
Developing an avian collision risk model to incorporate variability and uncertainty 11/11/2019
The Scottish Shelf Model 1990 – 2014 climatology version 2.01 11/11/2019
External Fish Disease data 2010-2015 for the 2018 MSFD assessment 06/12/2019
Micronuclei data 2012 - 2014 for the 2018 MSFD assessment 09/12/2019
Scottish Port Statistics 07/01/2020
Blue carbon audit of Orkney waters 13/01/2020
Re-Evaluating Scotland’s Sedimentary Carbon Stocks 24/02/2020
Are MPAs effective in removing fishing pressure from benthic species and habitats? - Associated datasets and code 23/03/2020
Scottish Shelf Model Integrated grid 1960 - 2004 climatology 1.01 27/03/2020
Interpretation of sea lice connectivity patterns among Scottish Farm Management Areas 27/03/2020
Salmon and Sea Trout fishery Statistics: 2016 Season - Rod and Line (released) catch 24/04/2020
Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey Data 24/04/2020


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