Wild Seaweed Harvesting, West Coast of Scotland

The Licensing Operations Team of Marine Scotland (MS-LOT) is the licensing authority, on behalf of Scottish Ministers, which determines applications for ‘marine licences’ under Part 4 of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. 

An applicant has approached MS-LOT to seek a marine licence to remove seaweed (kelp) from the seabed by mechanical vessel based methods in the Scottish marine area. 

MS-LOT has concluded that an environmental appraisal should be carried out to inform such an application and an Environmental Report submitted alongside any application. In order to inform the scope of this Environmental Report, the applicant has produced a Scoping Report

MS-LOT has issued scoping advice to the prospective applicant.

Marine Scotland - Licensing Operations Team will consult further if a marine licence application and supporting Environmental Report are submitted.

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Removal of any substance or object
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