06929 - Wellboat Discharge- Uyea Isle, Shetland

The Licensing Operations Team of Marine Scotland (MS-LOT) is the licensing authority, on behalf of Scottish Ministers, which determines applications for 'marine licenses' under Part 4 of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010.

An applicant has approached MS-LOT to seek a marine licence, further details can be found in the documentation.

Should you have any comments on the application, we would be grateful if they could be sent to us in an electronic format at ms.marinelicensing@gov.scot by 03 April 2019.

Application reference number: 
Application type: 
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Applicant name: 
Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Ltd
Applicant address: 
Crowness Road
Hatston Industrial Estate
KY15 1RG
United Kingdom
Date of application: 

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