Habitat Map of Scotland – Saltmarsh, Sand dunes and Coastal vegetated shingle

What is it: 

There are three coastal related layers presented that are part of the Habitat Map of Scotland (see Additional Information tab), a national habitat project managed by Scottish Natural Heritage.  The Habitat Map of Scotland shows distribution of

  1. salt marsh
  2. sand dune (including machair); and
  3. coastal vegetated shingle habitats

The habitats are mapped using the EUNIS/Annex 1 classification.  See the Habitat Map of Scotland page on the SNH website for more information (link in Additional Information tab below). The Habitat Map of Scotland has used existing survey data and converted it to Annex I habitats and EUNIS and the EUNIS manual and correspondence tables are also available. 

The layers are best viewed at 1:433,434 or better as they are slow to draw.

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Habitat map of Scotland (EUNIS base map) © SNH