Cumulative and Trans-Boundary Impacts

Marine Scotland plans for the development of wave, tidal and offshore wind energy sectors in a sustainable manner in the seas around Scotland. The potential environmental and socio-economic aspects of marine renewable energy in Scottish waters need to be taken into consideration from both a policy and licensing perspective. There is also a need to consider potential effects from renewable projects outside Scottish waters that may have cumulative and trans-boundary effects.

Developers are required to consider potential environmental effects from offshore renewable projects. This information should provide sufficient information to enable consultees to develop an informed view of a project.

Marine Scotland has commissioned consultants to undertake reviews of Preliminary Environmental Information (PEI) and Environmental Statements for Offshore Wind-Farm / marine renewable (Tidal/Wave) projects outside Scotland to identify potential trans-boundary and cumulative impacts from these projects on Scotland and/or Scotland's marine area.

The reports are available for download below.

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